Social Responsibility

Every business has its social dimensions, CSR – or Corporate Social Responsibility- has become an integral part of businesses today. Having become the growing cotton lawn manufacturing company in Pakistan, Rashid Textile has not overlooked the expectations of its customers, and realizes its national and moral obligations ever so strongly. With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, we at Rashid Textile believe in making a difference in lives - a difference that is able to permeate the very fabric of society towards uplifting the economic well being of the people wherever they are.

Almost 15 years ago, Haji Abdul Rashid (of Rashid Textile) started this charity, named as Karim Bibi Free Dispensary, here at Bawa Chak Sargodha Road. In that dispensary almost half million patients have been treated for free. Haji abdul Rashid (Chairman of trust), his sons and his friend decided to build a hospital instead of dispensary, keeping in mind the treatment problems and financial situations of the patients. For that purpose, a trust hospital was established. The beautiful building of the hospital is the center of all medical treatment facilities. The expert doctors and trained staff of the hospital take special interest in the care of the patients. Free medical treatment for the very poor is also available through Zakat Fund.