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Rashid Textile Printing Industries Pvt Ltd

The History of Rashid Textile Printing Industries (Pvt) Ltd abbreviated as RTI, originated back in mid-fifties on traditional lines by founding Chairman Haji Abdul Rashid, who adopted profession of a local cloth merchant. His marketing capabilities lead to a successful business growth.

RTI produces narrow width fashion fabrics and domestic varieties, a wide range of products for ladies and gents. RTI's strength today stands manifold with entrepreneurial skills and visionary leadership of its Board of directors, backed by their goodwill and experience in marketing.

Today Rashid Textile is considered one of the best textile printing industry of Pakistan with renowned experience in processing and printing of fabric. Rashid Textile was the first company in Pakistan to initiate Digital Printing and in 2020 the company installed the world's most advance Single Pass Digital Printing machine. Currently Rashid Textile's Digital Printing Hall and environment is modern state of the art International Standard