Rashid Textile has always been a trend setter in the printing industry. We have dozens of collections but some of our varieties such as Monarca, Saffron, iRMA, Marine Silk, M A Y A and Marvi Lawn have always led the market due to their ingenuity. To achieve this quality, RTI has both, conventional and digital printing machines. RTI also incorporates two separate designing studios for conventional and digital printing machines. Both of our studios comprise of highly skilled and equally experienced teams of designers to develop designs according to the constantly changing fashion trends. To maintain the standards, our fabric goes through rigorous lab testing at every stage of processing.


Rashid Textile processes grey woven fabric for feminine clothing using exquisite pretreatment, printing and finishing machinery. The foremost advantage of conventional printing is that the methods used are well proven through decades of operation and modifications. Couple this with the trained and experienced operational staff of RTI and the result is excellent quality fabrics

For conventional printing, our machinery consists of one Stork RD-4 Rotary Printing machine, which can print up to 12 colors, and three Ichinose Flatbed Printing machines. Our disciplined personnel can handle all types of fabrics such as Lawn, Khaddar, Chiffon, Linen etc.

Digital Printing:

According to a study, Digital printing has saved almost 40 billion liters of water worldwide. Digital printing has numerous advantages over the conventional printing in terms of quality and sustainability. Due to the automation deployed in these machines, the resulting prints are much more accurate, detailed and sharper.

Rashid textile was the first company in Pakistan to deploy a digital printing machine for mass production. In 2013, Rashid Textile started the digital trend by adding the Italian MS JP 7. Subsequently, other companies followed suit and now digital printing is one of the fastest growing markets in Pakistan. Now, our digital department consists of MS JP 4 (Sublimation), Atexco Vega 3180 DT (Reactive), MS JP 7 (Disperse) and SPGPrints Pike (Reactive). Our machines can print up to 90000 meters at the resolution of 1200dpi which is currently the finest print quality in the market.

Rashid Textile also recognizes the fact that the machine environment plays an important role in successfully operating the machine. The environment around the machines must be dust free. Therefore, to maintain the quality and results of our machines, our department is designed according to ISO Class 9 standard.

Design & Creation:

RTI design studio is one of the most modern and highly equipped studios of Pakistan. It has extremely trained and experienced group of designers and staff with capabilities to create unique designs and to adapt different colour ways in order to meet customer’s requirement.

In order to achieve and maintain quality control, Rashid Textile has following Machineries used for pre-treatment, printing and finishing of Fabric.

Processing and Finishing Machinery:

CAD/CAM System
Rotary/Flatbed Engraver
Singeing & Desizing
Rotary Printing
Flat bed Printing
Arioli Ager
Washing and Drying Range
Calender machines
Sanforizing machines

RTI is installed with modern machines with different types of calendars to fulfill almost all sorts of finish requirements of its valued customer.

Quality Control

To satisfy its customers and to maintain international standards, RTI follows strict quality control through a Quality control department and a fully equipped lab.