Digital Printing

According to a study, Digital printing has saved almost 40 billion liters of water worldwide. Digital printing has numerous advantages over the conventional printing in terms of quality and sustainability. Due to the automation deployed in these machines, the resulting prints are much more accurate, detailed and sharper.

Rashid textile was the first company in Pakistan to deploy a digital printing machine for mass production. In 2013, Rashid Textile started the digital trend by adding the Italian MS JP 7. Subsequently, other companies followed suit and now digital printing is one of the fastest growing markets in Pakistan. Now, our digital department consists of MS JP 4 (Sublimation), Atexco Vega 3180 DT (Reactive), MS JP 7 (Disperse) and SPGPrints Pike (Reactive). Our machines can print up to 90000 meters at the resolution of 1200dpi which is currently the finest print quality in the market.

Rashid Textile also recognizes the fact that the machine environment plays an important role in successfully operating the machine. The environment around the machines must be dust free. Therefore, to maintain the quality and results of our machines, our department is designed according to ISO Class 9 standard.