About Us

Rahsid Textile Printing Ind (Pvt) Ltd abbreviated as RTI, originated back in mid-fifties on traditional lines by founding Chairman Haji Abdul Rashid, who adopted profession of a local cloth merchant. His marketing capabilities lead to a successful business growth. This laid foundation of a manufacturing plant. At first, it had a capacity of producing 10,000 meters a day. Currently, RTI can produce up to 170,000 meters per day. RTI produces narrow width fabrics and domestic varieties, a wide range of products for ladies and gents. RTI’s strength today stands manifold with entrepreneurial skills and visionary leadership of its Board of directors, backed by their goodwill and experience in marketing. Organization is being managed by highly dedicated team of professionals that are well versed in the art of modern management techniques laying great emphasis on working together leading to a good corporate culture within the department. Our senior leadership continues to build a culture of diligence resulting in our growth nationwide.